About us

Projects - simplify the production process.
We believe that successful events begin with creativity and vision. But they come to life through extensive planning, clear communication, and real-time problem-solving. Our team prepares for everything and overcomes challenges on the fly, working with you to ensure your event is on schedule and under budget. We bring hard-earned experience and industry know-how to every project, with a track record that speaks for itself.  

We are based in Toronto and produce events across North America.

About the Founders

(Brad Hicks)

Founder / Director of Production
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A sought-after Production Director with a mile-long resumé, Brad has worked his magic in every imaginable theatre, stadium, and outdoor space across the country. 

After spending his teenage years as an independent promoter managing local bands and booking tours, Brad’s relentless drive and innate passion for production led him to the top of the live event industry. He heads up high-profile festivals, headliner cross-country tours, premier sporting events, and everything in between. And if you need to launch a massive pyrotechnics display from the CN Tower, he’s your man.

(Kasandra Lippens)

Founder / Director of operations
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She discovered her natural fit in the events industry while managing a comedy club at 19. Almost two decades later, Kas has built a wide-ranging CV, working in every possible role for festivals, coast-to-coast tours, and event spaces of all kinds. She moves between in-house, boutique agency, and freelance work, staging an impressive array of marquee events. 

Most recently, Kas served as Operations Manager at The Great Hall in Toronto, spearheading the restoration and reopening of the landmark heritage venue, vaulting it back to a place of prominence in the event industry. As Director of Operations, she brings tenacity, charisma, and a tireless work ethic to every project.

giant disco ball on stage organised production sound and lights
giant speakers on stage organised production sound and lights  in Ontario
A man walking through fencing towards concert that was produced by projects  in Ontario